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Are You A Business Owner, Struggling With Lack Of Time, Team Problems, Or Financial Worries?

Are you finding that your ability to manage the business is lacking structure, organisation and control?

Is it difficult to find, hire and retain the best people?

Do you feel like you have to check everything over and over again yourself, because you haven’t got or can’t trust the right staff? 

Do you have no time to do the things you really enjoy?

Are you working 60+ hours a week, feeling tired and exhausted?  Do you have little time for your family, friends and hobbies?

Are you really maximising cash flow & profitability?

Do you know how to really manage your cash flow, inventory, debtors, suppliers and how to truly optimise your sales force?

Business Coaching Services

Hiring A Business Coach Can Help You In So Many Incredible Ways; for example :

  • Grow Revenue & Profitability – by building a stronger USP & Guarantee, Business Plan, and Revenue & Profit Budget
  • Improve Sales – by implementing a Tactical Marketing Plan, and a Sales Management System
  • Improve Operations and Reduce Bottlenecks –  by developing Standard Operating Procedures, and implementing a Lean Program
  • Eliminate People Problems – via an Employee Acquisition Plan, Psychometric Profiling System, better Team Meeting Rhythm and an Apprenticeship Plan
  • Overcome Cash Flow Issues – by Cash-Gap and Break-Even Plans, better management of Trade Debtors, and longer supplier payment terms
  • Improve Financial Management – via introduction of SMART Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) & Dashboards.
  • Improve Team Performance – via a Strategic Plan which everyone buys into, Team Building System, and better Team Meeting Rhythm
  • Get More Time Back For The Good Stuff – critical path and delegation with a Time Management Plan, and clear/concise Operations & Training Manual
  • Make Much Better Decisions – mindset coaching, with smarter management reporting, enabling more “right first time” decision making.
  • Sale or Retirement – Business Value Building, and Comprehensive Exit Strategy

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Executive Coaching Services

“Supercharge Your Resilience” Executive Coaching Program

Life wasn’t supposed to be this tough was it? So why should you continue to suffer? You want to succeed in your new, senior role. If things were to continue like this for another year or so, what could be the possible damage to your performance, career, relationships, family and health? Gaining the resilience tools to turn things around, is extremely difficult to achieve on your own steam, especially while working full-time. When you know what they are, and have an expert coach to guide you, you can finally unlock the door to what’s been holding you back for so long and making you suffer. 

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