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Simon Gillings

How Coaching Changed My Own Life

In the 2000’s, I was lead auditor for major, international oil companies. Some of the business units were incredibly complicated, with very senior stakeholders to satisfy. Some of the locations I worked in, like Africa and former USSR countries  were pretty arduous and harsh to live and work in. It was often stressful work and hard going at times. Back then, I must have been ageing at double the normal rate. Some days the stress was so bad it was hard to sleep at night and some nights  I would need strong sleeping pills. As an auditor, you’re not really allowed to actually coach and guide the teams you’re auditing; only to find out what’s wrong and report it back up the management hierarchy. This used to frustrate me, as I really wanted to help, coach and mentor them.

So, having experienced severe stress and had a longing to coach, rather than just audit this later led me into transitioning to business and executive coaching. 

From 2010, I enrolled on stress management and resilience courses and got myself a professional coach. This inspired me to build resilience coaching expertise and I trained in business and executive coaching with the AoEC (The Academy Of Executive Coaching) and I’ve been successfully coaching clients and giving speeches and presentations on resilience to C-Suite/HR & L&D departments ever since.

Using my newfound resilience, I went on to build an international audit function for a FTSE 250, and the leading global vending services group, reporting directly to the CEO.  This is where I refined my coaching and consulting skills.  I helped all the sales, service and manufacturing companies improve performance, profitability, processes and efficiency. I also evaluated potential international new markets and did all the research and due diligence for potential acquisitions for the Group. I worked all over Europe and South East Asia, visiting all the manufacturing hubs in mainland China. 

Now, I would love to share my business and executive coaching toolkits and solutions with you to help you achieve amazing financial results and gain greater personal freedom. It would be a pleasure to be your personal coach and guide you through to full financial and time freedom. 

If you’re ready to experience the same results as many of my clients have, I invite you to grab one of my Complimentary Consultation Sessions (worth over £300). We’ll take a deep dive into one or two areas that are proving problematic for you, so you can experience the power of coaching.

CONTACT DETAILS:  Phone +44 (0) 7590 480670  Mail : simongillings@executiveresiliencecoach.com

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